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Delete Home Network Defender

I wish to delete Home Network Defender.


I have NEVER had a piece of software that was supposed to protect me, work this badly.


It stopped me and mine from getting to our usual websites, blocked access completely despite my having turned the service off.


I want this software OFF my computer yet it doesn't show up in the Start->Programs file list.

It doesn't show up in the Add/Remove Programs list.


I would like some help as soon as possible.  An irate family likes the new modem and absolutely despises Home Network Defender and the way it works.


-Mr. Warren 

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Re: Delete Home Network Defender

I managed to supposedly remove HND from my system but the nightmare continues.


I can't get into facebook which my family uses extensively.


ESPN won't let me in unless I mess with my firewall.


The worst part is, Before I installed this "software", my system was fast and clean.  Now it's sluggish, slow to logon anywhere and websites that were our favorites are almost impossible to get into.


Cisco makes great products.  Linksys makes great products.


Why can't I get support to remove this ...and get my system back to where it was before.

Why is such a reputable company using such poor software.  A look at this forum lets you know that I'm not the only one having problems with it.


Would you like more?  I cut off my antivirus just to get on with some semblance of speed...and the security center still says it's on.  That means it left some footprint on my system.  It is NOT removed though the control panel says it is.


What a terrible experience.

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Re: Delete Home Network Defender

I see this kind of late but I wonder if your router was still programmed even though the software was gone.  In that case you would probably need to reset your router or look in the firmware admin section for a place to turn off network defender.
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Re: Delete Home Network Defender

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We too, were extremely frustrated with how to delete Home Network Defender (HND) as there are no icons, no program files, etc.  After scouring this forum, I finally found how to do it and it actually worked!  (We are Facebook users too!)  The reply came from Spencer - posted 2/11/09.  Per his instructions below, install Network Magic.  Our mistake was trying to repeatedly install LELA unsuccessfully, of course. 


Once you install Network Magic, you finally see the green house icon they keep referring to and it will bring up a pop up to change the settings for HND. 


Good luck!!!


During the install, you can tick/untick the HND offer.  Please see this picture


Given that you did activate HND, you can turn off the service by installing LELA or Network Magic


Click on the HND icon within Network Magic and then turn off the different services.  Please be sure to create a Network Magic account so you can sign back into the service.

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