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HND and WRT400N or WRT320N

I have been on two different tech chats and am still unable to even download the HND product. The last one had me download the latest LELA that was supposed to have HND in it. I installed it and there is a link to Trend Micro download. However, it is only Internet Security, a product which I already own and use.

None the less, I followed the instructions of removing my current version (a requirement) and installing the other one. There was no Home Network Defender.

I did all of this using the WRT400N router installed.

I had first purchased a WRT320N but was told on tech chat that model did not have HND, although it is listed as one of the qualifying models. SO I took it back and purchased the WRT400N. It does not work either.

Can someone please tell me which routers are available to use with HND and where do I download the thing?

I am really frustrated. 


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Re: HND and WRT400N or WRT320N

The WRT400N does not support HND.  


The WRT320N does support HND, but you will need to have the latest firmware.  This can be downloaded from our support website.  Afterwards, you should be able to use Network Magic to enable HND.


HND is supported in the following routers:  WRT160N, WRT120N (coming soon), WRT310N, WRT320N, and WRT610N.  The key is to ensure you are using the latest firmware. 

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Re: HND and WRT400N or WRT320N

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  I bought the WRT400n because it is advertised as coming with HND. Here is the paragraph from the page []


Advanced Security

Advanced wireless security and SPI firewall protection is designed to help safeguard your home network and computers from most Internet attacks. Includes 30 day free trial of Home Network Defender, designed to protect you and your family against cybercriminals and online predators by stopping threats before they get into your home network.


What can be done to make this right?

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Re: HND and WRT400N or WRT320N

I am so ticked off right now I could smash this brand new 400N with a hammer!!!  I bought it specifically because it said it had HND (  After 2 hours with horrible tech support they said to call sales because they don't know much about software.  I don't know who to trust.  Is the web site information correct?  This is an absolute waste of time.

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Re: HND and WRT400N or WRT320N

I just noticed this thread is marked as solved!!!  How can it be solved if the web site still shows incorrect information?
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Re: HND and WRT400N or WRT320N

Linksys Support is really poor.  The data sheet for the WRT400N says that HND is supported.  The Home Defender page lists only 4 routers and the WRT400N is not one of them.  Last night support said that the WRT400N is not supported.  This morning tech support said that HND on the WRT400N is supported.  What gives?  Sounds like the WRT400N is not well developed by Cisco and put on the market before all the features are ready.  Perhaps it is just a bad product that no one should buy.  In all cases Cisco and Linksys are doing a horrible job marketing and supporting the product.  As for me - I am going to take the 400N back to Office Max and get a D-Link.  They offer the parental controls that parents who want to protect their children are looking for.  I guess Cisco is not too interested in making sure that kids surf the net safely.