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HND disappears on a bi-weekly basis!!!!!!!

SInce I bought this router and renewed the HND but ever since I renewed it, the HND mysteriously disappears on a bi-weekly basis.  I contacted Linksys and they said to reinstall.  Well, since the reinstall process takes over 1 hour (mostly due to its insistence to download the newest version even if you are trying to install this version !).  after 4 reinstalls, I am freaking tired of having to do this!!!   I followed up with Linksys via email a couple of weeks ago but got no response.  This is a serious product flaw and must be fixed!


I bought a Linksys router against my better judgement because I wanted to the HND capabilities which are pretty good (except need to be able to see URLs that trigger Parental Control events and have more control over time controls).  I sure how Netgear comes out with something similar soon.

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Re: HND disappears on a bi-weekly basis!!!!!!!

This isme under a new name,  Here it is, less than 2 weeks later and the HND part of LELA has once again gone away for no apparent reason.  HND appears to be working but "configure security" option on devices is gone and HND doesn't show up under TASK/TOOLS.  Had to reinstall again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate LINKSYS.  Luckily, I finally figured out that I only have to uninstall/reinstall LELA on client to fix, but I have to set up the names for my devices again (it remembers the security setting) and relogin to admin account.  This is a pain in the **bleep**.  Can't someone at LINKSYS come up with a fix.  I rue the day that I bought this.