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Settings lost on router re-boot

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I am having some serious problems with this s/w!
My main (wired) computer was getting IE access and then it stopped getting it, though my email was still working.

This happened 'out of the blue'.

I tried re-booting XP to no avail. I then unplugged the WRT310N and then switched on again.

My whole network then had be set up again!!!!!

Went to the router home page and password was reset to 'admin' and all the fixd IP's were gone.

Re-did that and then found out all the custom rules in HND were gone!!!!!

Anyone know where they get stored? Is this local or on Trend Micro's site somewhere?


Used NM to select the access times for a laptop, expecting previous setings to be wiped out, but they were still there, yet the laptop still had Internet access!!!

That's when I went into the HND settings to discover the custom rules were gone.

Set up a new rule for the laptop (only selected which websites were not accessable) and clicked OK and then the laptop was finally shut out from the Internet as per the rules in NM.

I don't understand why the retricted tiles weren't being adhered to UNTIL I created a rules set in HND even though I didn't set any time/day restrictions in HND!!!

I'm really not impressed with these obviously serious bugs.

I have bought NM last week but am regretting it already. I just want a reliable internet security setup and assummed that s/w by the router company would be a smart decision.

Anyone getting the same problems?

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