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The relationship between Home Network Defender and Network Magic

I purchased a WRT320N because it supported Home Network Defender.  It was my understanding that the router would then filter the internet traffic to stop my curious kids.  It also implied that the filtering takes place on the router itself defeating any methods my kids could use on thier workstations to get around it.  However, this does not seem to be the case.  It looks as though I must have Netowrk Magic installed on each workstation I want to block.  Is that so?    Does the workstation just get the default restrictions established by HND?  If Netowrk Magic is needed, then can't they defeat that by changing their connection settings in the control panel?
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Re: The relationship between Home Network Defender and Network Magic

I just set up the 610N with Home Network Defender.  To restrict internet access, you do not need it installed on each computer/device.  If you want to take Screen Shots of your kid's computer, and maybe access some other features remotely, you will need the software on each device.  But for internet restrictions, you don't need HND loaded (just think, you can't load HND on the Wii, PSP, DSi, etc yet you can still block traffic) 


In the Map, and click on each device and select Configure Home Network Defender.  Log in.  You can then change the settings for each device.  Based on the screams from my kids, it works!!


Now, I wish they would add/expand some features (access time should be a matrix by day/hour, and there should be an enlarged section on Restrictions and OK web sites.  I'm debating on not buying HND and going with the free version of HND on the router, and then buying NetNanny.  (If I go that route, I might as well use my old router though...)   NetNanny has remote access, and has some features I would prefer over HND.