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WRT610N slowdown

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I am currently in trial period of using HND on my WRT610N and so far have been a little disappointed. The biggest problem is that HND often slows down internet access to an extent where I have to disable it on my router. For example, each page will load after an unexplicable delay of a few seconds or even more.


Second problem is that when I get the reports, I am told that there are number of violations for a specific computer - but I have no insight into specific websites or URLs visited - only thing I know is the category they belong to. This is not very useful. I can't install software on all computers in my home as some have OS that doesn't support the Linksys software and others belong to a school that does not allow installing software.


Firmware: 1.00.03 B15    

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Re: WRT610N slowdown

We are working on a fix for the 'slowdown' problem.


In regards to the websites category on the report, currently we only show the categories (and not the URLs) in the general roll up report.  We are working on a future version which will provide more detail.

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Re: WRT610N slowdown

Thanks for the response. Now I wonder if I should subscribe now - or wait till the fix as well as reporting features I need will be implemented. Any ETA on fix or the report enhancements? Thx.

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Re: WRT610N slowdown

Got the same problem here bit on a WRT320.

I have a 50 MB  cable connection when used with a Netgear router gives a constant 49MB download. Just installed the 320 and with everything off I can download a Linux distro at 6.10 MB/ Sec.


Parental control on (only) it drops to a pityful 624 KB/ Sec and with Safe Web Surfing it drops to 585 KB/ Sec - basically I loose around 90ish % through put with it all on.


Now, this cannot be right, even putting the cable connection through a Watchguard fire wall and that has deep packet inspection, it still achieved 3.5 MB/ Sec.


Is there any solution to this issue via a fimware update etc.....



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Re: WRT610N slowdown

I am also having a big slowdown issue on WRT160N V2. I will have to disable and maybe try again when a fix has been done. Too bad, in theory a good idea, just cannot implement it with this performance.
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Re: WRT610N slowdown

Glad to see others on this,,, I was the very 1st to post in the forum way back in july,,,, solution,,, wait for furmware update,,, I have been since then,,, 3 going on 4 months,,, I had to get a refund, I know how long it takes from previous experience. See                               


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Re: WRT610N slowdown

And is that fix available yet?