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unable to log into my Cisco account to manage home network defender

For several days now, I have been unable to log into my Cisco account - the first step when trying to use home network defender.  This is how I manage my teenagers' internet access and I am at a distinct disadvantage without this capability!


 the error message says


"could not log in.  Error on the server"


I have contacted Cicso support who sent me to Pure Networks who sent me to Trend Micro.  Everyone just points the finger at the other or says they don't support it and I have gotten no where. This forum is my last chance.  


Has anyone seen this problem before and do you know what to do?


I am running Network Magic Pro 5.5 with a paid subscription to Home Network Defender 

Windows 7 home premium Dell XPS 8300


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Re: unable to log into my Cisco account to manage home network defender

The support from Cisco is truly difficult to get. However and if you are interested.. when I worked through the problem the issue was related to a certificate error in the browser. You go to network magic, my account and internet explorer, or you other browser, gives you a certificate error when redirecting to the pure networks site. You click on the expired certificate and you are presented with a new one. You install this in the  trusted certificate root directory and the problem is solved. Network magic will then load the home network defender configuration screen.