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Connecting NH1005 Hub to WRT54g Router

Hello, I am trying to add a hub to my existing (working) router setup. The basic setup will be like:


cable modem -> Router Internet port  -> Router LAN Port 1 -> HUB UPlink port -> HUB Port 1 ->Computer 1

                                                                                                                   -> HUB Port 2 ->Computer2

                                                      -> Router LAN Port 2 -> VOIP Router -> Phone

                                                      -> Router LAN port 3 -> Computer 3


Computer 1 is in another part of the house from the physical router location and has been working fine with no hub involved via a long ethernet cable run. I now want to add computer 2 to the same room as computer one by adding the hub. This room is on the other side of the house and I didn't want to add another long run of ethernet cable just to hook it up - which is why I borrowed the hub.


Router is WRT54G V2, running tomato firmware

Hub is NH1005 v2.0

VOIP router is RTP300


It all works fine without the hub but when I add the hun computer 1 and 2 have "limited connectivity". Running windows Xp and windows 7 on the boxes.


Is there some router settings or netowrk cards settings I need to change? Thanks



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Re: Connecting NH1005 Hub to WRT54g Router

You do not have to adjust any settings on your router as your Network is functional...

It seems to be the Hub, power down the hub, connect the Router LAN Port 1 -> HUB Port #1, Connect both the computer's to the HUB on Port #2 and Port #3, Connect the Poer Cable to the HUB, see if both computer's can access the Internet...