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EFAH16W v.2

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Hey I just started having trouble with this 16 port hub. It just started blinking both the link/activity light and 100mbit light at the same time about ivery second. I have looked to see if anyone else has had the same problem on the forums but found none. Can anyone tell me what this means. I dont know if the hub has gone bad or what. But I also have a DSL modem hooked up to the BEFW11S4 v.2 Linksys Router. From there I have fed a straight cable into the 16 port hub to the uplink port with the MDIX depressed as the manual says. Tech support is no help all they wanted was to sale me extended warrenty, and I just want to know what is wrong with the hub and what the flashing lights mean like this.
Thanks in advance for the replies!
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Re: EFAH16W v.2

if the link and activity are means that there is data transfer from the computer which is connected to that ethernet port which is at a LAN speed of 100 Mbps and therefore the 100mbit light on the hub ..
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Re: EFAH16W v.2

Did you find out what caused this problem as I have same unit & with lights together on/off & dont know why either, your help would be appreciated, thanks, Nigel.