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Hooking a Hub to a router.

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I am currently trying to hook my hub up into my router for the extra needed internet access. Problem is whenever I connect it I get limited or no connectivity. I was curious if I have to change any settings in the router's interface to let it bypass this, or if I am hooking it up wrong.

I am running a cable from port 4 on my router to port 3 on my hub(5 Ports) and the rest are used for computers.

Is this correct?


EDIT: I also have a switch that I was trying to hook up the same way but that seemed to not work either. So I thought something needed to be changed in the router's configuration.

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Re: Hooking a Hub to a router.

The actual physical connection should be :

Modem should be connected to the Router on the Internet port, router(from port1) >> hub(on port2) >> computers...You need to provide some additional information like model number of the devices,physical connections between the devices...