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How do I lock my router?

Hi, I have been using a Linksys router for over 4 years unsecured without problems. Now I have this guy's hard drive show up on my desktop. I can't get rid of it and have been told secure the router using a number of steps. When I attempt to do so it comes up with menus that I can't understand the meaning of (even though they're explained at the side). I'm frightened of changing anything. Is there a very simple list of instructions ... like step by step, but for dumbos. I don't know the isp of the intruder and I don't think he knows that I can see his files. It's unnerving knowing that someone may be able to access my computer and install viruses or do damage. So please point me in the right direction to solving this problem. 


Thank you fro reading 

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Re: How do I lock my router?

Whats the Model number of your router, So you want to secure your wireless network. Here are some settings which you can do it on your router, and it will secure your wireless network..


Open an Internet Explorer browser page on your wired computer(desktop).In the address bar type -
Leave username blank & in password use admin in lower case...
For Wireless Settings, please do the following : -
Click on the Wireless tab
-Here select manual configuration...Wireless Network mode should be mixed...
-Provide a unique name in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) box in order to differentiate your network from your neighbours network...

- Set the Wireless channel to 11-2.462GHz...Wireless SSID broadcast should be Enabled and then click on Save Settings...
Please make a note of Wireless Network Name (SSID) as this is the Network Identifier...
For Wireless Security : -
Click on the Sub tab under Wireless > Wireless Security...
Change the Wireless security mode to WPA, For Encryption, select AES...For Passphrase input your desired WPA Key. For example , MySecretKey , This will serve as your network key whenever you connect to your wireless network. Do NOT give this key to anyone.Clik on Save Settings.

NOTE : Passphrase should be more that 8 characters...

Click on Advanced Wireless Settings
Change the Beacon Interval to 75 >>Change the Fragmentation Threshold to 2304, Change the RTS Threshold to 2304 >>Click on "Save Settings"...
Now see if you can locate your Wireless Network and attempt to connect...