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KD2005 to my home theater??

I am trying to connect some devices to my home theater.  I have a KD2005 router to handle this.  I have a bluray player, DirecTV box for OnDemand (HR-22) and a Nintendo Wii.  I also am using a Linksys WRT300N v1.1.  How I was planning on setting it up is from my cable modem to my WRT300N.  From the WRT300N to the SD2005.  From the SD2005 to my 3 devices for my mini home theater.   I thought my plan was correct. 
When I hooked it up this way all the lights on my WRT300N start flashing quickly.  I lost all internet connections through the WRT300N.  The SD20005 was also flashing.  No devices worked to reach the internet.  When I unhooked the SD2005 my internet still did not work through the WRT300N.  I had to unplug it and restart it to get the internet back.

So, am I wrong in thinking this is the way it needs to be set up?  I thought I had some knowledge in doing this, but I am stumped.

If you can help, please respond.

Thanks in advance!!!