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Accepted Solution

No internet connection.

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    Currently the DSL comes to my router then to my Desktop with working internet.
    When the DSL is routed to the modem, the Linksys router then to my Desktop
    I lose the Internet connection.



    (PC specs)
  OS - Windows XP Professional SP3
  Adapt.- PCI
          . Smart One (Name)
          . 45FWPCI (Model)


  ISP - Verizon
  Setup - No user PW or Login used
        - No fixed (WAN)
  IP - DHCP enabled


  Model - WRT45GS V7
  Make  - Wireless-G Broadband
  Ports - 4
  Model - B90-327W15-06
  Make - Westell VersaLink Gateway


"ipconfig /all"  (with original setup)


Windows IP Configuration

 Host name                                  :sieg-5e7fd40508
 Primary DNS Suffix                      :
 IP Routing Enabled                      :No
 WINS Proxy Enabled                   :No
 DNS Suffix Search List       


Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection 2:


 Connection-specific DNS Suffix
 Description                                  :Linksys NC100 Fast Ethernet Adapter
 Physical Address                         :00-04-5A-41-10-45
 Dhcp Enabled                              :Yes
 Autoconfiguration Enabled            :Yes
 IP Address                                  :
 Subnet Mask                               :
 Default Gateway                           :
 DHCP Server                                :
 DNS Servers                                :
*Side Notes*

- When "Linksys EasyLink Advisor" is installed, during the setup, at no point can it
    connect to the internet.


- When Linksys Router is hooked up lights; Power, WLAN, 1, and Internet are on.
- When Linksys Router is hooked up the Desktop reports I am connected to the internet
    but when IE (or any program that uses the internet) is opened it reports that I
    am not connected to the internet.


  If I have left out any critical info necessary to diagnose this problem please
let me know and I will post the info ASAP.

                                 Thanks for your support: Sieg A**bleep**aka


P.S.  Cant belive my last name is bleeped.... A s h i t a k a...

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Re: No internet connection.

As your Internet Service Providor is DSL you should follow the link here , as the default IP Address of your modem is, you need to change your router's ip address to changing the IP Address you should Save the Settings(wait 30 seconds) and then unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...After this, your modem should be connected to the router's Internet Port and your computer should be connected to port1 and it should work...
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Re: No internet connection.

  First of all I would like to thank Vai_Fan for his reply, unfortantly it was not the issue nor even close to the problem.

So I have posted the Fix (complaint) below.


 Shortly after posting my question I continued my endeavor to figure out the problem.


The problem turned out to be with the Linksys company as with the CD and router there are only "simple instruction"

 - insert the CD (befor hooking up the router)

 - follow instructions on the CD


   As for instructions on the CD there arnt any, Just press ok a million times while it tries to connect to the internt

through a router that is not configured yet because it never told you that you needed to. Oh actualy It does have some

instructions, it tells you how to hook up your router to the modem, great....


   The part that they magicly forgot to mention is that the easy link advisor gets ahead of its self as befor you can

use the setup you have to go into the the network tab, find the not well marked "advanced options" box and activate

them. Then from there you can click on and configure your router and setup the nessessary settings for the router.


   Amazingly enough when you figure all this out and then run the setup that easy link advisor runs first it is able to

connect properly.


The fix to this problem - Linksys might try not assuming everyone has used their product in the past and instead of

                                   "simple instructions" could possibly give "compleat instructions." 


All in all Linksys is still my favorite brand and desighns amazing products.

  (Just need to fire the guy maken the instructions)