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KVM Switches and software-controlled mice

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KVM Switches will only support the basic functions of a mouse under most conditions.  Any additional functionality that is controlled via software drivers or a mouse manager program, such as MouseWare by Logitech or IntelliMouse by Microsoft can not be guaranteed to work through KVM Switches.  This is due to the emulation software control provides, and the incompatibilities of not having a direct connection from the interface device to the port on the back of the computer.  When control of the interfaces is assigned to another machine attached to the KVM switch, the communication from the interfaces to the other machine(s) is terminated until selected again.
It is recommended to use the Microsoft Generic PS/2 drivers, provided in the Windows distribution, if the mouse is having troubles operating when used in conjunction with a KVM Switch.  Cordless/optical input devices may not function with the KVM Switch, as they are software controlled.
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Re: KVM Switches and software-controlled mice

I can get along with the idea of losing control of some aspects of the mouse, but one issue I am still fighting is connecting the keyboard/mouse to the PS2KVM4 4-Port KVM Switch.  I have a USB Keyboard/Mouse multimedia desktop from MS. 
I looked for and could not find a KVM that uses USB, so I got the PS2KVM4.  It works fine except that the PS2 connectors are too close together to accept any of the USB to PS2 adapters that come standard with USB Keyboard and mouse sets.  I like the versatility of USB and prefer not to have to buy a PS2 keyboard/mouse set.
Is there anyone that either makes a USB type KVM switch? Or a reasonable priced adapter that will fit the connections?  I have located one company that makes such an adapter (Linkskey LKV-PUC01) but I can't see paying nearly the price of the KVM switch (KVM $72.99 adapter $69.99) for an adapter to fit it.