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KVM2KIT to Trendnet TU-PS2

I am testing legacy PS/2 kbrd/mouse installation to a new candidate Lenovo chassis that does not offer PS/2 IO.  We must support 2-port KVM in our enterprise and have fielded mostly the KVM2KIT types. 
When connected directly from kbrd/mouse to the Trendnet dongle (PS/2-to-USB w/no KVM) all works as expected -- but add in the KVM and kbrd is lost (only sends Ctrl+Alt+Del) and nothing more (Logitech optical mouse works normal) to the host PC.  No keyboard input is seen at the PC but the KVM accepts control via Scroll Lock as should be.  Keyboard input is accepted as normal at second system on KVM (which does not use the Trendnet dongle -- PS/2 direct only).
System:  Lenovo dual-core running XP (SP2) fully patched (IE 6) current drivers and BIOS (USB enabled)
I suspect that the issue lies in the translation through the dongle and not the KVM but thought I'd post here none-the-less for ideas just in case.  Thoughts?
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Re: KVM2KIT to Trendnet TU-PS2

Hi...i certainly believe that the issue is with the dongle and not the KVM...because the same thing works fine without the dongle..