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KVM2Kit doesn't like one machine

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Hi all, I have a Windows XP machine at 1024x768 and a new Vista Ultimate at the same resolution.
I have my USB mouse converted to ps/2 with the converter (green thingy) and my keyboard is pretty old so I have an AT -> ps/2 converter on that.
When plugged into the KVM switch, on the XP machine I get an "input not support" message. I can hit scroll lock twice and it goes over to the Vista machine just fine (ruling out the converter on the keyboard). I can use the mouse in Vista with no issues and the video is fine but it doesn't seem to like something on the XP machine. Any ideas? I've read about issues with usb -> ps/2 converters but that doesn't seem to apply since it runs just fine when switched to the Vista machine.
This is driving me up the wall so I'm hoping someone can help.
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Re: KVM2Kit doesn't like one machine

Have you tried another Windows XP?
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Re: KVM2Kit doesn't like one machine

nope. I've got the last XP machine in the family. Support told me it's because of the usb -> ps/2 conversion and I debated that since it works ok on the Vista side but they said it may be ok on one and not the other and that they absolutely do not support usb -> ps/2 converters on any of their KVMs. Apparently it's a common themes with KVMs albeit silly in my mind since when is the last time someone say a non-USB mouse.
Anyway, as a work around I put a mouse on each machine and only run K and V through switch.
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Re: KVM2Kit doesn't like one machine

Just out of curiosity, what version of XP are you using? With SP3 having been released recently there may be something there to check into.

When you switch to the XP machine, you mention that you get a "input not support" and I think you mean "input not supported" correct?

Further, do you get video or is that all that's displayed?

If it's just video, be sure to check the VGA cable from the system to the KVM.
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Re: KVM2Kit doesn't like one machine

It's not video, it's the mouse that seems to be causing the issue because when I take that away, K and V work fine. I have XP sp2... and nope, it says "input not support"... great proofreading in their programming.
I found an old ps/2 mouse in the house (down in the dusty pile of spare parts) so I'm using that and all works fine (well, except for the constant BSODs on Vista but that's another story).