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Beeping from NMH300

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NMH300 Firmware 3.18.4, Media Browser Software 1.7.46


To resolve my other issue of not being able to delete a specific file (that I would consider a corrupt file) I changed to single drive mode and then back to RAID 1 (the only way I have found to reformat the drives).  During the syncing of the drives the NMH would sometimes beep.  Sometimes for a longer duration and others for very short beeps.


After what should have been long enough for it to sync (at 2 hours it was about 71% done and this is now at about 8 hours) I was unable to get into the configuration screen and decided to reboot the NMH to attempt to resolve the access issue.  I hit the power button till it started to flash and did actually power down a few seconds later.


Now, the fun!  When I turned it back on the power light has been flashing now for at least 30-45 minutes and beeping almost constantly!  I can hear some hard drive access from time to time.


What is this beeping indicating? and how do i stop it?



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Re: Beeping from NMH300



Did you try to have only 1 drive installed on your mediahub ? Would the mediahub still beep with 1 drive installed ?


It could be the harddrive causing the beeping sound.