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NMH300 super slow performance, stays at 13% media collection

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A little info first:


Trying to copy a 5.46GB file over and it took 2hrs and 30m to copy, a whole 654.23KBps, like 5.1mbps.


When I logged into the nas via http, it was very sluggish and occasionally popped up the message saying the nas isn't responding.  On the top right, next to configuration, it shows it's indexing, inventorying, searching for media, whatever it does, and it's been sitting at 13% since yesterday.


How can I determine what's going on here?  The disk tab shows everything's good and in sync, so I'm not sure where to check from here.


Any ideas?

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Re: NMH300 super slow performance, stays at 13% media collection

I just checked from the linksys knowledge base website ( ) and I found out that your hard disk is not included in the hardware tested list. Anyway, the interesting part in here is that you were able to manage the hard disk to work with the NMH300 which I guess the main concern now is its consistency. The indexing would take some time depending on the file size being stored in the NMH, but to wait for the whole day without any scanning progress is unacceptable.


Here’s my two cents:


1. Start with a simple reboot on the NMH and after doing so, do the test.


2. No progress? Check your firewall settings. Set the NMH to be fully accessible (inbound and outbound) in your network.


3. Make sure the firmware is up-to-date. Here is the guide on how to do the firmware update. After the update, just click again on the “Rescan” and check if it will make a difference. Do not turn off the NMH while it is still rescanning.


4. If the update won’t help, then the NMH may require a system restore. To do the system restore,  unplug the power cord from the NMH and then press the reset button at the back and reconnect the power cord while still pressing and holding the reset button. Let go of the reset button after 10 to 15 seconds and then let the NMH reboot.  


5. Usually the firmware will go back to the previous version right after the system restore so you need to re-update it. Then, click on “Rescan” to start again the indexing.


If the above procedure, won’t still work, then you may give a try reformatting the drives. Click here for your reference. Of course, this is a bit tedious coz you need to backup first your files before reformatting. I hope this will help. :smileyhappy:

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Re: NMH300 super slow performance, stays at 13% media collection

I haven't had any issues with the disks, so I'm wondering if it's a corrupt file, or dead sectors that have corrupted a file.  It's STILL at 13%.


In response to your suggestions:


1. Tried that.


2. Not firewalled or on segregated network.


3. Firmware's up to date.


4. Thought about this, but I'm reluctant to do a system restore, as I believe it's file related (or bad spot on the disk).


5. This was the case when I put the new disks in.


I'm copying all my data off so I can break the mirror and rebuild the RAID array.  Problem is, it's copying data at 664 KB/s, but at least it's only about 700GB worth.

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Re: NMH300 super slow performance, stays at 13% media collection

Hi cougar694u,


     I had a problem similar to yours and rebuilding the RAID worked for me. I had to make sure that both drives are completely wiped out and working so I installed one on the nmh to make sure that it was properly detected and also did the same for the other drive. I think the wait while offloading the data would be the hard part. 



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Re: NMH300 super slow performance, stays at 13% media collection



Thanks for the confirmation, that's my plan.  You're right, though, offloading the data is draggin!