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NMH300 won't shut up

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The fan runs constantly. It whines up and down. Its not the drives, I had one in my computer and one in an external SATA device and I could not hear drive noise.

Its also incredibly slow, but I'll start on that after the noise is gone.

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Re: NMH300 won't shut up

OK, is no one elses noisy and you dont know what I am talking about, or is everybody's noisy and you dont care? If there is no way to fix it I will have to send it back, it is that loud, and its always that loud, it never goes to sleep like my other NAS devices do.
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Re: NMH300 won't shut up

My one is virtually silent in operation with the provided 1Tb drive - fan I think does not even need to run.


And yes I agree it is very slow copying data on which I understand is caused by the low power cpu on board trying to index all the files being copied on.


I was thinking of disabling media services while copying data on and then starting them. This will also yield the true performance of the device.


Of course my ones front LCD didsplay seems to have failed in less than 48 hours with it being either white now or hardly legible with a blue bar scrolling up so it will have to go back.

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Re: NMH300 won't shut up

Hi dgw!


You mentioned you were using an NMH300 (enclosure only). You should try checking if your hard drive is on the compatibility list. That could be the contributing factor why your fan is so noisy.  


NMH300/400 Hardware Tested List

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Re: NMH300 won't shut up

The compatibility list shows these

   Samsung 500G (HA501IJ)
  Samsung 750GB (HD753LJ)

my two drives are are the same drive

Samsung 1 TB HD103UJ

in 1 TB form.  They are rated The quietest 7200RPM 3.5" desktop drives by and I didn't experience any drive noise before installing them in the NMH300. I thought the drives would go to sleep when not in use, and therefore the fan would too. I guess not. At least someone confirmed that it should be quiet, unfortunately this is not going to work for me.


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Re: NMH300 won't shut up

Use only one Hard Disk as when using 2 HDD it fails generally in RAID mode.

---Press Reset button (for 3 seconds) when power on 

If the above does not work 
Switch off the NHM 300 by pressing power button for 3 seconds otherwise unplug the power
---Press reset button and hold it
---Then Plug the power of NHM 
---Keep pressing the reset for another 10 seconds after plugging power in NHM
I did it by inserting a fresh new Solid State HDD of 80GB for resetting the NHM as it was otherwise taking a hell lot of time.
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Re: NMH300 won't shut up

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If you have a 4k sector size disk (which I doubt a 1TB is, but you'd need to research), partition alignment can cause major performance problems.


Follow this to format properly (warning, it will delete ALL data):


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