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(Apparently) false disconnect message

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I have 8 licenses of Network Magic, some wireless but most wired.  When I'm downloading large files, the DISCONNECTED (red X) message pops up.  However, the download continues.  Windows Task Manager shows network usage approximately 0.7.  As soon as the downloiad finishes, the CONNECTED message (green check mark) appears.  This is a seemingly meaningless message as I am able to continue reading e-mail and surfing while the download chugs along.  What's going on?  Others in my networks panic when the dreaded red X appears.


Slightly different problem: On one wireless laptop, the Network Magic system tray icon might show a red X even though I am connected to the Internet and the Network Magic map shows that I am connected.


Ver 5.5.9195.0-Pure0

Platform ver 11.2.9195.1

Different 802.11G Linksys routers on the two networks

One machine is connected directly to the Internet through a D-Link DSL modem supplied by DSLExtreme ISP.