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Cisco E3200 is not recognized by NetMagic

Cisco E3200 is not recognized by NetMagic.
A "network device" shows up on the network map, but Mfg, Model, etc are "unavailable". My WRT54GL is recognized fully and correctly identified as a Linksys router and the path to the internet.

Netork Magic Version 5.5.9195.0-Pure0
Platform Version 11.2.9195.1

Network: Cable (Comcast)
NAT Router = WRT54GL (Tomato) DHCP Server / wireless off
16 Port 1Gbps switch
Cisco E3200 LAN-LAN Cascaded as Wireless Access Point DHCP off

HP DC5100 running Windows XP Pro SP3
Wired LAN through Broadcom 1Gbps on board