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Clear / Reset Device List

Just moved house and have taken the opportunity to totally re-do our home network(s).  I am running NM version 5.5.9111.0-beta with platform version 11.2.9110.0-beta.  Mix of Vista, SBS2003 and many uPnP devices.


I want to totally clear out the device list and start again adding and renaming as I go (had over 40 devices when we moved).  There used to be a post on the old forums but I can not find it!  Anyone know where it is now (couldn't find here either) or have the how to to delete the device list so the map is re-created from scratch.






p.s.  NM is working just fine, no issues - just want to clear out the device list and rebuild it

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Re: Clear / Reset Device List

Hi Darren,


For Windows XP operating systems, just delete networklib located:

Drive Letter:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Pure Networks\Platform


Use Services to stop Pure Networks Platform Service. Once deleted, on all copies of Network Magic, restart the Service.



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Re: Clear / Reset Device List

How do I clear the network map for Network Magic in Windows 7?  I have over 9 pages of maps and wish to start from ground zero now that I have password protected my router.