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False Negatives

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I've had Network Magic installed for several years now with no problems. I have a desktop hardwired to my Linksys wireless router, a laptop wireless connected, and a Sony TV wireless connected. I haven't installed any new software or hardware recently, but a couple of days ago I started getting the "Internet Connection Lost" (the red X on the NM icon in the sys tray). When I check my network status in NM, it indicates that my Local network is connected and my Internet is not. However, the opposite is true, i.e.., my Local network is not connected and Internet connection IS connected. Intermittently, NM indicates that my connectivity has been restored (w/o any intervention on my part).


Coincidentally, I also began getting the "blue screen" error on my desktop indicating that there maybe a hardware or software problem and Windows has auto shutdown and recommends that I "Disable caching or shadowing in the BIOS memory options."


I've shutdown the desktop is see if that helps, but I'm still seeing the same behavior.


Any ideas? Could this be a modem or wireless router issue? Both are more than five years old.




Network Magic Version 4.9.8225.0-Pure0

Pure Networks Platform Version: 10.2.8216.0

Connection: Cable Modem

Linksys Modem: BEFCMU10 ver 2

Wireless Router: WRT54G

Windows XP SP3 Home Editon (both computers)

ZoneAlarm Pro Security Suite