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Firewall settings

Small network I have a small network run by comcast which we are unable to print docs from other then the home computer. It needs the firewall settings changed which i have read from the help site. However I cannot find pure networks in the program list nor can i find away to add the programs as they are not listed. Can anyone offer some suggestions and help please, oh bye the way hold time before i hung up with tech support was over twenty mins
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Re: Firewall settings


thecreator - Running Network Magic version -5.5..9195.0-Pure0 on Windows XP Home Edition SP 3
Running Network Magic version -5.5.9195.0-Pure0 on Wireless Computer with McAfee Personal Firewall Build 11.5.131 Wireless Computer has D-Link DWA-552 connecting to D-Link DIR-655 A3 Router.