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Locked out of the router

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My network rfuuses to let me add any wireless devices. When I go to 'add a device', I get the proper screen. When I try to click 'wireless' it gives me this note "Network Magic cannot configure wireless security on your router. You will not be able to connect a device wirelessly to your network"


All existing devices work fine. When I try to access the router via, the page times out and refuses to connect. I get the same result when I try to use any of the options under the map for the router. No set up, no settings, no status, etc...The only change I have made to the system was to activate the protection that keeps other folk from adding devices to my network but now I cannot find that screen to disable it???


I just discovered I cannot get on the network using my other phone as well????

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Re: Locked out of the router

I can't set my locked out to enable what do I do?

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Re: Locked out of the router

I have had a long and tragic last few months with routers. My 2 year old N series over heated and stopped working. My new E3200 refused to work when Network Magic was installed (removing the program from all computers fixed thsat problem BUT, the 2 month old E3200 crashed last night and is no longer supported by Cisco, so it has been junked. Now I am using a E2500 and hoping for the best.


Good luck...and get rid of Network Magic.