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Network Lock instability

For some time (years) I've noticed that the Network Lock on our home system shows up unlocked, even though I never unlock it deliberately.  When I find it that way, I just lock it again.  I have a 10 year-old XP desktop ethernetted to a D-Link DIR-655 router, a Vista laptop, an iPad2, and a wireless printer on the network.  For awhile, my grandson was living with us and his Apple laptop, TV, and other devices were in the system, but not now.


I thought the Network Lock disabling, apparently on its own, had to do with the grandson's equipment.  Then I noticed it seemed to happen when our laptop was active.  But I am not cyber-intuitive so sorting it out seemed too daunting, especially since there were plenty of times the system stayed locked for days and weeks after I reenabled it.


Now I've noticed the lock disabled and enabled all by itself all summer, we weren't even home for six months, the desktop and printer were off, and the iPad and laptop were with us.  The network history shows no computer activity during that time, but it does show the lock cycling on and off;  sometimes it was off or on for many days, then switch, and sometimes it went off or on and switch a minute later.


What the heck is going on?  I don't like finding my Network Lock has been off for days, when it should always be on.

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Re: Network Lock instability

Network lock feature on the network magic software is actually related to the mac address filter feature of your router. In order for other wireless devices to connect to your wireless network, you have to disable it so that the router will allow the wireless devices to connect to your network. After getting them connected wirelessly, you can then re-enable it. But with your case, seems like it’s a software problem. What you can do is to try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Make sure you still have the copy of your license key because you will need it to re-activate the software after you re-install it.