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Network Magic for Mac

I have a PC and a Mac and can't figure out where to get Network Magic for the Mac. The only thing I can see on downloads is for PC. NM picks up the Mac, but I constantly get alerts that it's not installed on the Mac. The Mac is wired, but can also connect wirelessly.


Network Magic version:  5.5.915.0

Internet connection: FIOS

Mac OS X Version 10.7.4


Thanks for any help,


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Re: Network Magic for Mac

Sorry but NM 5.5 only works for windows OS.

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Re: Network Magic for Mac

That sucks, guess I'll be cancelling my subscription if I can't network all of my components through this. Now maybe I'll be looking for something else that does work with both, or just not have an extra tool.

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Re: Network Magic for Mac

I searched for the version of Network Magic that might work with MAC but seems like they already pulled out.


This is from


mac addon.JPG