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Network Magic password

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I setup a password for the software on my computer but I have forgotten it & my password help is not helpful.   I'm running Network Magic 5.1.9055.0.  I know my routers password and i made sure i did not use the same password for the software.

Should I  reinstall the software and start from scatch?


Thank you for your help.

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Re: Network Magic password

Hi, yes, you should uninstall/reinstall.  Make sure to delete all NM directories from Program Files, delete temp files, and run disk cleanup before reinstalling.
My Cisco Network Magic Configuration:
Router: D-Link WBR-2310 A1 FW:1.04, connected to Comcast High Speed Internet
Desktop, iMac: NM is on the Windows Partition, using Boot camp to access Windows, Windows 7 Pro 32-bit RTM, Broadcom Wireless N Card, McAfee Personal Firewall 2009,
Mac Partition of the iMac is using Mac OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard
Laptop: Windows XP Pro SP3, Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG, McAfee Personal Firewall 2008

Please note that though I am a beta tester for Network Magic, I am not a employee of Linksys/Cisco and am volunteering my time here to help other NM users.
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Re: Network Magic password

Thank you
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Re: Network Magic password

This solved my problem as well. Freaking Password.


However, I lost all my shared folders and whatever else was set up.


The Password Police have got our knickers so tied up in knots that only a hacker can get in. I used a pwd (yesterday!) that I used all the time but I must have taken a finger check so I had to go thru all of this. The p*sser is that NM forced me to set it up, I did not really want or need a pwd. Ironically, NM suggested I write down the pwd which some experts tell you to never do. Sigh.


Some systems, like Belkin, have a check box to clearly display the pwd when you set it up. This should be de rigeur if not mandatory on all systems.


Thanks for listening to my rant. I feel better now.



Bob Bailey
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Network Magic password

How and where can I change the password to the router WRT120N?

Best regards

Hans Alm

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Re: Network Magic password

Yes, uninstall and then reinstall.

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Re: Network Magic Unlock Code NOT WORKING

**bleep** ???

i paid, you sent me an email and then numbers (both entered manuall or pasted are refused...


Wht do I do now?



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Re: Network Magic password

My Dell laptop suddenly cannot connect to my Linksys wireless network. I have been using Cisco Network Magic for a few years with minimal problems. It seems that the wireless is now being managed by Windows rather than Network Magic. How can I disable the Windows Wireless manager and get back to using Network Magic? Thank you!

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Re: Network Magic password

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Re: Network Magic password

Linksys WRT120N-Home router wireless need 25 number Network Magic.