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New to Network magic?

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I bought the Pro Pack
Network Magic Pro 5.5 PLUS Speed Meter Pro 1.3

Network magic installed but the speed meter says im on a trial basis and wont take my Lisense Key? also it says to add network magic to other computors on my wirless network just click on them in the network map and it will istall network magic and add them, it wont show any of that in the network map it just shows they dont have network magic installed how do I install it I dont want any other computors to be able to get into the settings of network magic either or be able to install any of there own passwords?
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Re: New to Network magic?



Please describe your Network Better.


See this sticky:



Note: The Network Magic License Key is a different License Key from Speed Meter Pro. You should have received two different License Keys, in the confirmation E-mail.



thecreator - Running Network Magic version -5.5..9195.0-Pure0 on Windows XP Home Edition SP 3
Running Network Magic version -5.5.9195.0-Pure0 on Wireless Computer with McAfee Personal Firewall Build 11.5.131 Wireless Computer has D-Link DWA-552 connecting to D-Link DIR-655 A3 Router.