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Unable to activate Network Magic after reinstallation

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Version 5.5.9195.0 on Win Vista system. I appreciate that you ask for a range of information prior to posting a question but I cannot see the point if no advice is likely to be forthcoming. Please ask me to send info if you still need it. Anyway this is my problem: I have had to reinstall Network Magic pro on a customer's laptop. So far so good! Unfortunately it won't allow me to activate it. I tried enabling the thirty days trial but that is disallowed because I assume that the system knows that it has been installed before. Short of completely restoring the operating system to default I cannot find a way of reactivating the program. Cisco support appears to be non-existent. Why is that? Network Magic is still available for purchase from Cisco's website and indicates that support will still exist but how can that be when links to support pages fail?


I would greatly appreciate any advice that you might be able to offer so that I can reactivate the program and make my customer happy again. They have been using NM for two years on their LAN without problem until now.