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EFG80 - Supported Disks

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Old device, I know - but I just acquired one a few weeks ago.


I've seen posts on the net that people have used 250GB drives, but I'm curious - what's the max you can use? I'd like to throw in a 160GB drive and a 400GB drive I have laying around. Does anyone know if this is possible? Anything in particular I should watch out for if I throw one of those in?

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Re: EFG80 - Supported Disks

As what I know, the EFG80 can only handle 80G per bay in total it would be 160G. Although in the Linksys Data sheet claims that the second bay can handle 120G, I don’t recommend it. You can’t also put the whole 160G into 1 bay since its capacity per bay is 80G only. I think for further inquiry try t look in the data sheet of the unit found in this link: 


EFG80 Data Sheet: