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NAS 200 Power Failure


1) My dad has a 400GB hdd attached to the NAS. Approximately how long will it take to finish scanning ??

2) What prevention system I should use incase this happens again

                 a) should i get a form of UPS any recommendations??

                 b) Anyway to automate it for the UPS to shutdown the NAS 200 ?



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Re: NAS 200 Power Failure

A 400GB disk will take probably up to half a day to finish scanning, because the NAS200 is so low on memory. If the light keeps blinking for more than 12 hours, power the NAS down and then up again: try using the power button first (it will beep and the lights will go off after a few seconds), if that doesn't work, unplug and try again: something probably went wrong during the disk scan.


The best way to prevent any files from getting lost is to make backups.


A UPS will also help, any kind of UPS will do as long as the total wattage of connected devices stays under the maximum wattage of the UPS (for the most part, you can use 1W = 1VA and VA = volts * amperes so 1A at 110V is 110W, 1A at 230V is 230W). The capacity of the UPS (measured in (kilo)watt-hours or amp-hours indicates how long the UPS will run from the battery per watt or amp that is flowing through it. The NAS200 uses up to 1.5A according to my power supply which is about 165 Watts, so if your UPS has a capacity of e.g. 900Wh it will theoretically run a little less than 4 hours with just the NAS200 on it. In practice it will probably be a lot shorter and my math is probably flawed but you get the idea.


The short answer to your last question is: There is no way to automatically shut down the NAS when the power goes out.




Frequent NAS200 Answers:
1. DISABLE the "convert failed logins to guest logins" option to fix permission problems.
2. NEVER insert or remove hard disks while the power is on. NAS200 doesn't support hot swapping.
3. ALWAYS use the power button to turn the NAS200 off, don't just unplug it.
4. Don't trust RAID. Make BACKUPS!
5. To ACCESS the disks directly, you will need ext2 and/or XFS file systems. I recommend using SystemRescueCD.
6. Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use "green" disks or consider replacing the fan.
7. FTP server is insecure and doesn't work behind a NAT router. Use my firmware and SCP instead.
8. MY FIRMWARE supports SSH shell prompt and SCP for secure file access, and allows running other software.
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Re: NAS 200 Power Failure

I, i have had a powerfailure too, and my NAS can't be found anymore. NAS-station says: disc full

already waited for days for automattic recoverySmiley Sad


When i  use an SATA to USB converter cable, can i acces my files with your rescuecd?? I have tried UBUNTU but i could not find my disc when i conected the disc via the SATA to USB cable.


Thanks in advance for any answer!

I am really desperade now!

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Re: NAS 200 Power Failure

Yup it can be detected as long as the computer has a software that can read ext3 file.