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NAS setup

Ok, IM new here . I have a problem with my NAS this morning after setting it up I could c both Z and Y drives, to which I added some folders and files, then this afternoon i wanted to try and download some files to it while i went out, and with my pc off i went to allocate the download to ZSmiley Very Happyrive but could access it any more. the only thing i can think of that i have done is upgrade the firmware, since then i have been trying to reset it to the way it was but every time i try and ,map the hdd's to any letter, even the one i allocateded, it give me a "no Access right" warning message,after asking for the user name and password to which i enter the one i created durning setup. to which i have no idea what the message means. If anyone can help plz leave a reply. as I'm running out of ideas on what to do. i have contacted linksys through there live chat which didn't help. anyway I leave it to anyone with anyidea's on how to help. PS. I'm Australian if that helps and im running Xp on both my desktop and lappy. regards YodaByte
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Re: NAS setup

What is the model number? Have tried accessing or mapping the drive from another computer? Access the web interface of the NAS and check if all the users the users that you have created are still there. 
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Re: NAS setup

I am having the same issue.  I just set up my NAS200 and everything seemed to go fine up until I try to map a network drive.  When I try to use the linksys mapping utility I get the stupid "No Access Right" error [using the admin login too] and going through the normal Windows XP drive mapping it tells me it can't find the path.  This is very frustrating.



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Re: NAS setup

If you're using a NAS200, Uncheck Enable Guest Login under System Options window then try to map the drives again.