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NAS200, un-configure the public default disk


I have a NAS200 with 2 public disk, configured as default.


I now want to setup more users and limit the usage. But it seems that the Public disk are always public and can not setup the permission there. I also have the latest firmware.


My question is if I can rename the /public folder to something else and then re-share it with the same share name "Public Disk 1"?


Current setup:

Disk1/public is shared as "Public Disk 1"


I want to share Disk1 as "Temp", then rename the public folder and then delete the share and create a new one.


Is this posible? Will I lose data?


Many thanks

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Re: NAS200, un-configure the public default disk

It's not possible to rename, remove the "DISK 1" and "PUBLIC DISK 1" shares (nor the "DISK 2" and "PUBLIC DISK 2" shares if you have two disks). You also cannot move the locations that these shares refer to.


You can, however, hide these shares from all users and create new shares that refer to any location on your disk(s). For example you can create a user "jac" and a share "jac" and change the access rights so that user "jac" has no access to "DISK 1" or "PUBLIC DISK 1" but only to directory "jac". Whenever user "jac" connects to the NAS, he will only see the "jac" directory.



If your problem is that you are setting up shares and not seeing them correctly from your PC, it probably means you are logged in as guest. Disable the "convert failed logins to guest logins" (or disable guest logins altogether) on the System Options page.




Frequent NAS200 Answers:
1. DISABLE the "convert failed logins to guest logins" option to fix permission problems.
2. NEVER insert or remove hard disks while the power is on. NAS200 doesn't support hot swapping.
3. ALWAYS use the power button to turn the NAS200 off, don't just unplug it.
4. Don't trust RAID. Make BACKUPS!
5. To ACCESS the disks directly, you will need ext2 and/or XFS file systems. I recommend using SystemRescueCD.
6. Disks will get HOT with standard fan, use "green" disks or consider replacing the fan.
7. FTP server is insecure and doesn't work behind a NAT router. Use my firmware and SCP instead.
8. MY FIRMWARE supports SSH shell prompt and SCP for secure file access, and allows running other software.
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Re: NAS200, un-configure the public default disk



Since I have too many file in that public disk, I can create a new Share and move all files to that new Share.


I was thinking to delete the share "Publik Disk 1" and say not to remove the directory /public, then create a new Share named "Temp" pointing to /Disk1. This way I could see the public folder and rename it to "jac" for example. Then create a new Share named Jac pointing to /Disk1/jac and then enforce the permitions to the share --> My e-mail after a captcha