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NSLU2: SMB Shares with OSX Lion



I've a NSLU2, with a FAT32 disk on it. 

I use NSLU2 to do Mac OS X backups, with Time Machine.

Recently updated to OS X Lion and my Time Machine can't use it because SAMBA specifications changed.


Do you know a solution?


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Re: NSLU2: SMB Shares with OSX Lion

Well try the following steps:


1. Plug at least one blank USB 2.0 drive into the NSLU2.

2. Plug the NSLU2 into your network and make sure your router and machine are both set to IP addresses in the family for setting up the device (you can change this later).

3. Launch your browser of choice and type in (the NSLU2′s default IP address). You will be met with a web-interface to the device.

4. Click on Administration. You will be prompted for a login and password. Both are “admin” by default on the NSLU2.

5. You need to let the NSLU2 format your drive before you can make any changes. This is the stupid step that kept me scratching my head for far too long: To do this, you have to click on the “Advanced” link under the management tab. There you will find the “Disk” link that you had been searching for. Click on it. You will most likely be prompted for the same admin/admin login and password again.

6. Now you will have a page that looks like this:




Here you can choose to format your disk. Click and wait. It took about 15 minutes to format my 200GB drive.

7. Now go and change all the passwords, create different user accounts / share spaces, etc. through the web-interface.

8. Once you’re done with all the configuration on the NSLU2, click on the Finder, choose Go–>Connect to Server… (or Command+K), type in “smb://″ and click Connect. You will be prompted for a user name and password and you can choose whether to mount a share or the disk as a whole (if you didn’t set a data cap on the shares then all of these will be the size of your entire drive). Check the “Add to keychain…” box, so that you won’t have to re-enter this information each time you want to connect.

9. After the drive mounts, drag it to your Dock. Now you can connect to your NSLU2′s shared drive space whenever you like by simply clicking on that icon.


Here is the link as well:

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Re: NSLU2: SMB Shares with OSX Lion



Thanks for the answer, but this is correct only  before Mac OSX Lion.

OS X Lion does not support logging into NAS boxes running Samba  servers that employ the DHCAST128 authentication method.

I found a solution in this web: