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NSLU2 cannot map or browse Disk2



I have recently bought an NSLU2 and connected two HD drives on it. With Disk1 there is no problem. I can connect on it, map it as a network drive and access it. But when I try to map Disk2, this disk does not appear in the browse tree. Moreover,when I connect to the NSLU2 through the web interface I cannot choose to make shares on Disk2 because the drop down menu does not give me the choice to do so (it has only Disk1 to choose). At the "Home" page of the web interface the "USB Port 1(Public Data)" is a link and I can browse in Disk1, but the "USB Port 2(Public Data)" is not an active link so I have no access from there as well. Disk2 is properly formatted via the NSLU2. Also, I have configured Disk1 to backup itself on Disk2 and this seems to work ok (according to the log file). I am an XP user. Have I skipped anything important? Any ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance!



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Re: NSLU2 cannot map or browse Disk2

If you use one disk as a backup of the other, I beleive it is unavailable for any other functions, such as browsing or mapping of drives. Any data that you had on Disk 2 before the first backup of Disk 1 is gone, as (per the user manual, and in the GUI) the backup completely overwrites the data on the target.



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Re: NSLU2 cannot map or browse Disk2

Thank you very much. This is correct! Now that I have disabled the backup option, I am able to browse and map Disk 2.