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I have two questions:


1. My NSLU2 has broken down and I can't get access to the data on the EXT3-formatted USB-harddisc, formatted by the NSLU2. It has something to do with user-rights. 

I'd like to save this data to another (NTFS)USB-disc. Any suggestions how this can be done?


2. I have ordered a new NSLU2. When I connect this EXT3-Usbdisc, will I be able to get access to this data, like before ?

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Found the answer on the first question: I downloaded from Sysinternals the Linux Reader for Windows, installed it on my Vista notebook, connected the EXT3-usbdrive to my notebook and I was able to read AND SAVE the data from this disc to another (NTFS)harddisc. Very easy. All my data are available again and can be used like before.


My second question; I will see what happens, my data are accessable again so it's not so important anymore.


 Greetings !




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Hi. I followed this thread's suggestion and downloaded and installed diskinternals linux reader. Ok, when I connect my usb disk directly to my pc rather than through NSLU2, I can see the folders and files in it, but I'm not allowed to copy them to anywhere. Am I missing some detail or configuration? Thanks for any help you can give
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Re: NSLU2 having issues seeing external USB Drives? Try this:


I can't access my usb drive using NSLU2

I can't see my drive in web browser of NSLU2

NSLU2 states that there is no drive connected

and so on


if you already had NSLU2 working on your network and already had harddrives connected and formatted: plus already had files on the drive and can't access it now. Check the LED's on the NSLU2 does it show lights on the drives? if not look at your external usb drive: if it has lights are they solid or flashing. If your external hard drive has lights that are solid it means your drive is not being accessed. I have learned through trial and error of removing unaccessible drives and reformatting them: PLEASE DONT DO THIS! Don't Panic! I have found a work around. IF you still use the V2.3R63 firmware which is the NSLU2 firmware from linksys this might work for you too.



  1. Turn off your NSLU2 network storage by shutting down the NSLU2 using the power button or web browser admin page, turn off your external usb drives by unplugging or pushing the power button. Disconnect all usb cables connected to the NSLU2.
  2. Wait 1 minute:
  3. Turn on NSLU2: the password and configurations might revert back to factory settings or might keep them: it is flaky like this because your configuration files are attached to your hard drive they will be reverted back to your personal settings after connecting to usb drives.
  4. Turn on External USB Drives by plugging in power or pushing power button.
  5. Log into NSLU2 Web Browser go to the Administration tab type in the username and password: if your personal password doesn't work try the factory username and password which is: Username: admin / Password: admin.
  6.  Once logged in select the Status tab
  7.  Now connect one USB Cable from one of your external harddrives to the NSLU2: make sure you put it in the opposite disk slot.
  8.  On the Status tab you should see a button that says Restart Now click it
  9.  Give about 2 minutes for NSLU2 to restart
  10.  Once you hear the beep from NSLU2 check the LED's on it to see if it is now communicating with the usb drive.
  11.  If not, disconnect usb drive and reconnect using the opposite disk slot and restart NSLU2 again.
  12.  It is flacky and you might need to do this several times: its a lot better than losing all your data
  13.  Once you get one drive back, disconnect it and do the same with the second drive until you get it back.
  14.  Once you got both leave the last drive you connected in the same slot and connect the second one in the other slot.

Hope this helps a lot of you.