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Windows 7 and NSLU2

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I know it's currently not a supported OS for the NSLU2 , my question is , is there an upgrade to the firmware being done to let make it Win7? compatible?


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Re: Windows 7 and NSLU2

As far as I know, no firmware upgrade should be needed. Windows 7 should be able to access the network shares the same way as previous versions of Windows did.


If you get a notification from Vista or Windows 7 saying it needs a driver on the PC, you can ignore it. There is no driver for the NSLU2 (nor for most other NASes) and there probably won't ever be one either.




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4. Don't trust RAID. Make BACKUPS!
5. To ACCESS the disks directly, you will need ext2 and/or XFS file systems. I recommend using SystemRescueCD.
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Re: Windows 7 and NSLU2

I agree with  jac_goudsmit. If you are trying to run the setup disk on your windows 7 computer it will not work. You can manually Map the Drivers on your Windows 7 Computer. 


On your Windows 7 Computer click on Start - RUN - type (\\IP address of NSLU2) and click OK.... and it should display you the list of Folder which you have created on NSLU2, Right click on it and select "Map Network Drive" and click on Finish. 


In these case you will be able to transfer the files from your Windows 7 computer to NSLU2.

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Re: Windows 7 and NSLU2

My problem with Windows 7 and NSLU was mainly that I am (was)  unable to log onto the private shares for each user , the login was correct but Windows 7 kept returning 'invalid login'.


I finally got around this by instead of trying to map \\HOMESTORE\user  , I mapped \\\user


This let me log in correctly to the share.




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Re: Windows 7 and NSLU2

OK so I just blew the dust of my NSLU2 and decided to hook it up. I had the same problem connecting with my Windows 7 Enterprise (Work computer). The problem as described is NTLM. By default, Windows 7 has NTLM disabled and for good reason. NTLM security is an oxymoron. Don't open your Windows 7 to this vulnerability. I'll still use the device, but will only access the data I store on it with an old system that I can rebuild easily in the event of an infection.


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