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nas200 auto power on the problem and the solution

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well the  problem
this $%·"$&%& nas200 not power on if the power lost , and if not a finger to press the power button , dont start any more.
ok no problem the solution is quick
only need a solder , and 3 " of little wire
open up top case of nas 200 ( grey ) first back part ( conector side  ) , dont worry , is not a screw in this part.  
the magic is send pin 4 of (u14) 7BCRJVK AH74 a short to ground ,  the funny part the usb is the answer , only is 5v when the nas is on the fuse ( f2) of usb is ground 0v when is off and 5v when is on the nas  .that is  the another point to solder the wire. and is done .
pd: is working well ,but is your own risk 

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Re: nas200 auto power on the problem and the solution

Hi, I have not well understood why NAS200 does not power on after power lost. I have a NAS 200, it 's been switched off for a couple of years. Now I need to use it but it does not power on even if power supply seems ok. I also tried to power it whit anoter 12 V power supply: NAS200 switched on por 15 minutes, then switched off and now it seems dead.

You suggested to short to ground pin 4 of U14, but why?

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