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Using the WET610N

AT&T sent me a Motorola modem and a cisco e1000 wireless router when I switched to Uverse.  Is there anyway to continue using the WET610N?  It was a powerhorse wirelessly linking my computer to the old DSL modem/Wireless router.  My operating software is Ubuntu so I can't configure the WET610N to the e1000's settings through the CD.  And, since my Motorola modem only has one ethernet port, I can't use the web-based utility to update the WET610N to sense the wireless signal of the e1000.  If I plug it into the e1000 I can only access the web-based utility for the e1000.  Practice and Cisco chat concur on that.


Anyone have any ideas on how to slave the WET610N to the E1000 that I don't know about?





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Re: Using the WET610N

Hardwired  WET610 To the linksys router .

Open the set up page of the router .

Go to status tab under status tab go to local network

Under local will find the DHCP client table .

In the DHCP Client table you will find the IP address for the bridge

With  the help of that IP Add You can log in to the bridge.And you can configure the bridge using the  wireless settings of the router.all you need to do is copy all the wireless settings from the router and put them manually on the bridge .

Also type the default gateway of the router manually on the bridge ..just follow these steps.

See if that helps.