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EFSP42 and windows 7 help?

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I need help in attaching a printer (Ie HP 970cse)  through this server ( EfSP42 )  to win 7 all advice would be appreciated

Thanks Terry

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Re: EFSP42 and windows 7 help?

These instructions presume you have already downloaded and prepared for use the drivers for the printers connected.


 Open Control Panel>Printers

 Click the 'Add a Printer' link

 Select the 'Add a local printer'

 On the next screen select 'Create a new port'

 Select 'Standard TCP/IP Port' for the type of port to create.

 On the next screen use the following settings: DEVICE TYPE=TCP/IP Device; HOSTNAME OR IP ADDRESS=[the ip address of your print server]; PORT NAME= (i.e., IP_[server ip address]

 In the 'Additional Port Information Required' screen select 'Generic Network Card', then click

 Select the printer driver for the printer connected to the port

 After the printer is installed (do NOT send a test page yet)

 Open the properties of the printer you've just installed and select the 'Ports' tab

 Select the port and click

 Change the protocol from RAW to LPR, the field labeled 'Queue Name' will become editable.

 To access the first printer port enter 'L1' (without the quotes)

 To access the second printer port enter 'L2' (without the quotes)

 Click then go to the 'General' tab and print a test page

You can repeat the procedure to create both L1 and L2 ports. Just remember to change the PORT NAME option in step 6 so that you can have two separate ports available.

I hope this helps you get both ports working. .