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EPSX3 and Vista

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Successfully installed printers attached to our EPSX3 ver. 2 for a new computer running Microsoft Vista. The "trick" is not to use any driver downloads or substitutes that Vista provides as you would expect.
Assuming your EPSX3 is up and running and the network is OK, Vista will "see" the printserver and activate a couple of "Client rendering" ports in the computer's ports printserver properties window.
As admin on your Vista computer, you want to delete those ports. They won't work. (Well, the first one will, but that's the only one seen by the computer and what's Anyway write down exactly the name of your EPSX3 as it appears on the network.
As admin, go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Printers
1. Click “Add a printer”
2. Click ”Add a local printer”
3. At “Choose a printer port”, click “Create a new port” and leave “Type of port” at “Local Port”. Click next.
4. When asked to enter a port name, use “\\[printserver name]\P1” for the first printer (e.g. ours is \\Ws-psv01\P1).
5. Continue to click thru the steps selecting the correct printer, etc.
Repeat 1-5 for your second and third printers replacing "P1" with "P2", "P3" etc.

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Re: EPSX3 and Vista

Thanks a lot for these steps. It would help many users.
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Re: EPSX3 and Vista



Thanks !!!!


Could you also support with how to load the same printserver in Win 7. Can the same way be followed on win 7 also ?