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Epson FX-890

Has anyone had any luck using an Epson FX-890 with the PSUS4 print server?  We set one up a few days ago and everything appeared to be working fine.  Then no one could print and after checking it out, the USB light on the print server was barely flickering.  I thought maybe it was a bad USB cable so I swapped it for a new one.  Again, things worked fine for a while but now the problem is back and worse than ever.  The printer, when it prints, only prints about 3/4 page before stopping.  We have to manually move the paper to the top of the next page as the printer just seems "stuck" unless we turn it off and back on, as well as the printer server.  I know the FX-890 is not on the compatibility list, so that may be the problem.  Any ideas from the folks out there?  Thanks!

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Re: Epson FX-890

Connect the printer directly to the computer and make sure that printer is working fine and it is printing properly.

Try to reset the print server and reconfigure it.