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Registered: ‎10-06-2006

Lexmark 7170 and PSUS4 print server

I'm having trouble printing to my lexmark 7170 through my PSUS4 print server.
The printer is a multifunctional printer, but I was hoping that at a minumum I could print via the network. So far notihng works. The install works perfectly and the printer server recognixes the printer with no problems. However I can't print at all.
Is it hopeless shoujld I just get my ominey back or is there a "work around"
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Re: Lexmark 7170 and PSUS4 print server

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hi, you could try this..
after installing everything ..on the printer properties > go to advance & click on print-processors > select "winprint" & make sure it's on "raw" then hit "ok" all the way out then check if the printer (icon) is "ready", if NOT, right-click on it & select "use printer online" then try to print.
hope this helps :smileywink:

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Registered: ‎10-06-2006

Re: Lexmark 7170 and PSUS4 print server

Thanks for the suggestion. However it didn't work.  After using 3 different print servers (Dlink, Linksys and Belkin) I gave up, bought a 10 ft. USB cable
and connected the printer to my Windows 2000 server and shared it that way.
Printing works fine now.
Seems that printer will only work with a Lexmark Print server which cost more than
any of the other three I tried.  In the future I'll stick to buying HP printers.