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Network Printer

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Trying this again.


Cable connection

Wireless D-Link DWA-140, Firmware 3.0, DIR-625



NM version 5.5

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system

Kaspersky Anti-virus 2010



NM version 4.0

Windows XP

Norton Security Suite with Comcast

Printer attached by serial port--HP Photosmart 1115 series


Trying to set up a network printer so I can print from my  laptop.  NM map is showing printer on desktop with a yellow directional arrow going both ways.  When I try to set up the printer windows can't find a driver for the printer on the network.  I can locate them manually but that does not seem to work.  I created a new port on the desktop where I have \\computername\\printername and that does not work.  There are no drivers for this printer to work in Windows 7--do I need to install the printer drivers on my laptop?  Is this a lost cause trying to get this printer to work through the network?  The printer queue will pop-up on the laptop?? I hope I included enough information.

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Re: Network Printer

As your Printer is installed on a Windows XP computer and you are trying to Map the Printer on your Windows 7 Computer, To make your Printer working on your Windows 7 computer you need to install the drivers for your Printer on windows 7 then only it will work.