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Print Server WPS54G

I have a WPS54G Print server that I have been using for a few years with no problem, However recently is hasn't been working I have noticed that the only green light that lights up is the wireless light the other three lights on the print server are amber that seems to be the problem any suggestions?

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Re: Print Server WPS54G

Try to reset and reconfigure the print server.

Unplug the Print Server. Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds while plugging the power back into the Print Server at the same time. This will reset the Print Server to factory defaults. Try to reconfigure it.

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Re: Print Server WPS54G

Is there a factory default IP address? If so what is it? I tried your reset procedure and now the PS is not recognized on my network. If there is an HTML setup page I may be able to get in with the IP Address of the PS, yes?