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Unable to reach HTTP admin interface




I get the prompt to input username, and password.


The correct values are provided, press return, and the page loads until the browser timesout.


This was from my Windows 7 x86_64 PC.


I used Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.


I used Wireshark to snoop the TCP packets on the wire, and I can see some HTML and CSS coming from the print server, but nothing complete.


Finally I tried form Opera mobile browser on my Android phone, and that works.





Can anybody explain this to me, how a mobile phone browser is able to render the http admin ui but not my desktop PC where the utility is installed?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Unable to reach HTTP admin interface

Connect the Print server to the Ethernet port of the router .

Press the reset for 15 seconds on the Print Server .

Power cycle the complete network .

Follow this link to setup  the Print Server .