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WPS54G firmware upgrade

My printserver has firmware version 6046 and I am tryong to upgrade ti 6051.

I download APVY08.BIN.

On I finde the file on my PC and click "start upgrade". Then nothing happens.

The web page says "loading" for hours - literally.


How can I upgrade the firmware?

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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

There are many posts in this forum on this problem.  The firmware upgrade is defective.  Linksys has chosen not to reply to repeated inquiries about when, or even whether, it will repair the firmware.
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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

Hey try resetting the WPS54G for 30 secs in such a way that power light is blinking on the WPS54G & then do a complete network power cycle & you will be able to resolve the issue.
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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

I've done a upgrade from 6050 to 6051 and it worked fine. I think you should try to upgrade with the WPS54G wired to your network.
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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

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Hi, I am also trying to upgrade.  Unforaturely, my unit is old and still at firmware version 1014.  I would really like to upgrade to something newer.  I've tried the 6051 version several times.  I have the unit hardwired to the router and have held the reset button for 30 sec as suggested.  Still get a "Upgrade fail" message.


Can someone please point me to an older version.  I've tried google and surprisingly can't find an old version of the firmware anywhere.  If anyone has the 6050 firmware file can you please send it to me in an email or post a link where it can be downloaded.


Or please send a PM.  Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

I too need the 6050 firmware upgrade.  Did you find it?  I have 6049 and it will not upgrade to the 6051.  Thanks.
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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

I'd be curious to try this too.   It seems everyone who has 6050 installed is able to upgrade successfully.   Those of us with 6049 cannot upgrade. 

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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

Please, someone know download the firmware v.6050????
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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

I to get failure message trying to upgrade from version 6046 to 6051, on both my XP PC and my Vista Laptop. I'm in the process of adding the print server to a newly created home wireless network. I was able to set up the print server and install the original driver using my vista home premium 32 bit OS, but the printer will not print wirelessly. On my XP OS the cd's setup wizard installed the old 6046 firmware version and everything printed fine wirelessly using a linksys wireless G USB network adapter in the PC. I followed the directions for upgrading firmware and got the same error message on both computers. It said make sure I entered the file name correctly. I already reset the print server once to get the password reset to the default before I could setup the server. Do you think resetting the print server again and power cycling the router and modem will make a difference. The router is a linksysWRT110. After reading all the posts, it seems like a problem with that version of the firmware. Hasn't Linksys fixed the problem by know. I'd be happy to upgrade to the 6050 version if there's too many issues with the 6051 version. What do you think I should try next? Thank you.

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Re: WPS54G firmware upgrade

Huh, too bad about the firmware upgrade problems, I am having similar issues with an old print server.  Thanks for the info guys.