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WPS54G lost connection

I lost my connectiont for my desktop to print.  Have XP on desktop and has worked well since installing in 06. Have 2 laptops Vista and Win7 that still print through the WPS54G, but suddenly yesterday the desktop stopped.  I've tried to reset, have deleted the printer and tried to reload and now it can't find it when going through Add Printer.  Help. 

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Re: WPS54G lost connection

So the concern that you mentioned that the printserver was not working so you reset the Printerserver and also deleted the printer and now you can't find it when going through Add Printer.... So could you inform us how was the printer installed was it as a network printer ? 


 If it was then make sure that printers on the network are being displayed, check if the network is working correctly.


If the network is working correctly, try the following step....

Make sure that all computers on the network are in the same workgroup. One way to do that is to change the workgroup names on your Windows based computers.

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Re: WPS54G lost connection

I have the same/similar problem.  I have spent over 12 hours trying to get my print server back on line wirelessly.  The owner's manual is useless.  Linksys wants to charge me $30 for tech support for a problem they created.  Oh well, I will keep reading and trying different things.