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WPS54G problems with installation

I am trying to install my WPS54G PrintServer.

When installing the program asks for a password to continue.

In the manual there is no password given and the 'standard password admin" is not working.

Somebody knows an answer?


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Re: WPS54G problems with installation

I also am having this problem with a used WPS54G I just purchased. I'm running Win XP Pro SP3. The setup wizard finds the PS, but as soon as I accept it, the Password Dialog box pops up and that is as far as I can go. the default password "admin" does not work. The hardware reset button does not seem to work because the PS gives me no indication that it has reset, even after holding the reset button for up to 2 min. I tried using the Bi-Admin program and that also requires the password to do anything except show the status. The PS has firmware ver 6046.

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Re: WPS54G problems with installation

You can try to reset the print server to factory defaults and then reconfigure it.


Unplug the Print Server. 

Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds while plugging the power back into the Print Server at the same time.

This will reset the Print Server to factory defaults


The default User name is blank and the Password is “admin”.

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Re: WPS54G problems with installation

OK I found how to reset the PS and got access to it, but it doesn't recognize my printer. It says the ptinter is Offline, but it definitely isn't! The WPS54G is just not seeing it. Thus I cannot install the print drives portion on the Setup Wizard. Any ideas?

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Re: WPS54G problems with installation

Make sure that printer is connected properly to the print server.

Check the USB light on the print server.

On your computer, right click on printer and see if you find the option Use printer online.

If you are able to open the setup page of the print server then you can change the wireless settings manually on the print server.

Once the printer is setup for the wireless settings, you need to add the printer port on your computer.

Follow this link to add printer port on windows XP computer.